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LED Area Lighting
The projects for area lighting cover wide range. And for a demanding requirement for area lighting in the market, energy saving and easy maintenance are critical. Hipower area lighting series take every aspect into consideration. Power ranges from 15W to 250W for different applications such as roadway, pathway, outside parking lot, rural road, car dealership, etc. Multiple light distributions and with intelligent control system which contributes to managed-costs, managed-risks, and longer lifespan.
LED Area Lighting

HipowerLED company has been offering a great service to our customers as well as many different organizations since 2004. We concentrated on developing, manufacturing, and selling products for international export. To ensure that each LED street light is an export-ready product, we have strengthened our quality control procedures. Hence you can easily connect with us if you are looking for the best led area light manufacturer & supplier in China


As we don’t hesitate to offer a warranty for the service and all our led area lights are designed and manufactured by specialists hence you are completely risk-free. We are always here to help you professionally and efficiently. You can give us a call to book an appointment and we will be right there at your service. You may find comparable items in this section for LED streetlights. Not only that you can also buy smart, IoT, and outdoor adjustable street light fixtures. You can view specifications, models, images, prices, and other details about Led area lights right over here. 


Regardless of whether you are an individual or an organization, we will do everything we can, to ensure that you get the full information regarding the led area light. Helping customers in the best possible way, and offering them a high level of service at the most reasonable price is our 1st priority.

Hipowerled, as the best led area light manufacturer in China is waiting to give you the best lighting solutions. Contact Us Now